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Forum Rules and Regulation

Post by Andrew on Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:00 pm

1) Threads and Posts
Try to locate and read existing threads before creating new ones.
Try not to go off topic in threads. Such found posts will also be deleted. If we find you persistent on making these messages, you may receive an infraction or other punishment.
Please pay attention to news and announcements. There may contain new information that is useful to you.
If you have no idea what is going on in a particular thread, please go back and read the first post.
Avoid using ALL CAPS in posts. It gives a sense that the message is SHOUTING and is also harder to read.
Trim quotes down where applicable. Keep it to what your responding to be specific.
If a thread has a poll that has an option and lets you pick "Other" or something similar, please post your response in that thread, along with a reason or discussion why you pick that option.
If a poll requires a vote and comment, please try not comment and then not vote and vice versa.

2) No Spamming
Do not double post. If you want to make corrections to the post you just made, you can simply edit your post by clicking the 'Edit' button located near the bottom right. However, you may double post ONLY if 24 hours have past since your last post and your post is of some importance.
Do not make redundant posts.
Do not post messages that are useless and pointless. Such posts will be deleted without notice.
o Examples:
 lol!
 I (dis)agree with this.
 cool!
 nice!
 thanks
 hahaha
 I like eggs ^_^
Spamming is only allowed in this forum: Kopitiam

3) No Harassment, Trolling, and Flaming
Do not insults, flame, threaten, or harass another member and guest.
Do not attempt to start angry topics and flame wars that disrupt peace here.
If a thread is leading to a flame war, that thread will be closed.
Do not use Private Messages to flame or insult anyone.
Do not argue with any members and staff in public! If you have personal disputes with a particular member or staff, please do so privately. You may speak to any staff members and ask for a mediator or other action if you are unable to reach or do not want to talk to particular person.
Racism and Sexism in any posts are not tolerated whatsoever. These posts will be immediately deleted if found.

4) No Advertising and Illegal Sites
You may not advertise other anime forum sites solely to get more traffic. However, you may list sites that may be helpful for members to find what they want.
Do not open new threads solely to advertise other forums and websites.
You may not post referral links to any sites that needs you to gather people in order to complete some goal.
You may not list sites that host illegal copyrighted material, such as warez and sites that compromise security. Although mp3's and videos can be listed, but will be treated on case-by-case basis.


Signatures and Avatar Rules
The total dimensions of all images and texts must not exceed the maximum dimensions of 500x300 pixels (width x height). If you need to exceed this limit, you may use the Spoiler BBCode tag to expand your signature.
Each image may not exceed the file size limit of 150KB. This also includes images inside spoilers. People with slow internet connection will receive longer load time on this site.
The contents in your signature must be PG-13 rated, which means they must be suitable for all ages 13 and below. You may not have nudity, gore, offensive, profanity, racism, and anything that may be inappropriate for young audience in your signature.
You may not use or rip signatures from any users without their permission. If there are signatures found to be identical or reported, an investigation will take place. A warning, infraction, or suspension will be issued to whoever found responsible.
Avatar Rules
You may have an avatar with a maximum dimension of 200x200pixels. You may not use or rip avatars from any users without their permission. If there are avatars found to be identical or reported, an investigation will take place. A warning, infraction, or suspension will be issued to whoever found responsible.

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