Salary for an Architect

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Salary for an Architect

Post by Andrew on Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:54 am

Ok~ Since this is like an really important issue when we even choose a course of architecture I just found out the normal salary for architect in Malaysia~

if you are a fresh graduate you start off with a assitant architect or working as draft person etc depends...
So you start off with~!! RM 1500 k~ 2000K pathetic~ that under pay for 2 years~ until you pass part 2 lam and then your pay will go up like RM 2000k ~ RM 2500k... unless your the boss means LAM part 3~ with the tittle AR infront of your name... you get RM 4000k depends on buisness.

SO~!!! sum it up~
first you earn RM 21600 for the first 2 years~ if your lucky~ What can you buy or pay with that sum?? A HOUSE ?? Yeah rite... No need makan, petrol and life~!!! we need to club sometimes~!!
then after LAM part 2~
RM 30000 per year~ that worst~ not much different....

but the good news is~~ if you get an international tittle or degree your pay would be higher~ so called high~ but we can go with the phrase.... cukup cukup makan la~ Dead

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Re: Salary for an Architect

Post by LaineyLaine on Tue Oct 07, 2008 1:55 pm

how bout the salary for interior architecture^^
most of the senior told tat its much more easier for interior architect to earn money~~^^

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